Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The best of the Holy Dove

 the Very Breath of our being
is alive with the grace of Gods love
with the spirit that will free you 
and speak to your very soul 

stop for just a moment
and realize what a gift life is 
let Gods love free you
feel the grace of this bliss 

For God is our true source
and he understands what we need of course
God can write the script
and we can play out the role he gives

oh Holy ones of those 
who are the awakened and who know
let Go of your control
and let God directions guide your souls

let the ego and it's ways
that divide our life be set aside to praise
the director of our life
is Gods love and so we find

a way to serve the spirit light
to live this miracle and find
a way to choose to do what is best
to see the oneness of all and be blessed

beyond my minds control
find the power of the soul
let spirit can find a nest
in your heat for the holy dove to rest

in my soul I know
love is the path I wish to follow
with it's energy so sweet
and a grace that brings such great blessings

holy Mother I pray
please guide me on my way
as I let go of my hold
and let God be in control

for we are all a part
of the one creators heart
we can all be reborn and renewed
with divine love if we just choose to