Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The great Tranfirmation

we are all part of  Gods great  circle of life
living reflections of the one source of light
spirits here in bodies that live for just a while 
and then returning home to find another life

Christ came to be an example
that showed us how we can be
transformers of this form and how to receive
the transforming power of pure energy

bodies of matter delivered first to earth 
by the our mothers love
then to be able to express 
the blessings of love by holy spirits dove

and we are created from stardust
and we are spinning on this planet through space
and so often we can't even remember
the reason we came to this place

for we are all pure energy
here in form for a just a while to express
With gifts of loves creation we are so blessed
 with light through infinite mirrors we can see

til in time we find the eternal salvation 
giving back with our Trans form ation
the form transformed to spirit making 
a cycle of gods great love in creation

And Christ asked us to believe 
we could live eternally
if we have faith we can see
how with Gods Love we can be freed