Thursday, March 24, 2016

And sheep may safely graze

and sheep may safely graze
through the fields of grass each day
for always there is a safe place
 in the masters loving gaze

and what do you hold onto 
that you think gives you any security
for you must release and let go to receive 
the blessings of Gods love and mercy

the holy lamb of god 
lives in the shepherds divine grace
he keeps a watch and follows
the path that we need to take 

as we learn to trust the teachings
and release the egos control
there are such blessings waiting
and we hear the word of God to follow 

and sheep may safely graze
and the mother watches as  her children play
but now it's time to take our place
and become shepherds of the human race

and so we take the lessons we've been shown
and follow the path that we well know
and we listen to the words we hear
to share the blessings given here

and we find a way to care 
as God wipes away the tears 
of the children lost  in doubt and fear
and we see shepherd for the lord appear

for he is alive in us with such grace
we see the mothers protection gaze
and we follow along to receive 
the blessings given and the love we need

and sheep may safely graze
and we find a way to praise
and give thanks for the shepherd prayers
and the blessings given to us here