Friday, March 25, 2016


In life what is given can be taken 
with every breath there's a blessing given
the receiving and releasing 
all particles of creation making
beings of illusion of our own creation
Just a dream in the awakening 

and Jesus gave his life 
The lamb of God's sacrifice was taken 
To show us that in life we find
We are just a temporary form in time 

But we can live forever and be reborn
Spirit released to eternity and reborn
this earthly gift we can receive
Til we live and learn and then are released

And at this time of year we see
The cycles of the seasons so clear
Spring comes with the flowers so dear
sunrise on Easter to reflect resurrection here

And we can learn to forgive
Ourselves and Those lost as Jesus did
And we can behold the light and awake
To the love all that life gives and takes