Saturday, March 26, 2016

World Light and love activation

Visualize a radiant point of light
Within the universal mind of the one source of God consciousness
It holds the light of the world.

See the point of light sending out light to all the  souls of the people on Earth.

See that light descending down from heaven to earth
Ad the worlds energy accepts  and is receptive to this light 
The world is moving from the shadows of illusion to awakening to the rising sun of a new day

See the point of love that exists in the heart of Mother Mary. See her pure unconditional love pour forth to the world. That love surrounds the world and opens the hearts of the people of the world with compassion, understanding and forgiveness.

The world is now radiating to the divine frequency of divine light and love.
See the souls of those who are on the path of service understand their true purpose 
And reason for being here on this planet.
the World us Awakening and it is receiving a divine blessing of protection from any negative forces that would do harm.
The people world now dedicate themselves to protecting the world with goodwill and prayers for peace.

Let kindness, compassion, be alive with the light of understanding and love be the purpose that motivates the people of the world to 
Let peace prevail on earth