Sunday, March 27, 2016


let the lord of lords light come to you 
on this Easter morn
be delivered to the Love of Gods grace
let the lord come into your heart and soul

you can be transformed 
the power resurrection performs
the miracles of sacred energy 
of the holy of holies place can set you free

believe that you can receive 
the healing that you do need
believe that the light of the Holy Spirit
is alive in you and me 

listen to Gods heartbeat
listen and you can hear
the guidance of the Mother
is coming to you so clear 

and the voice of Spirit speaks 
in so many different ways
celebrate the blessings
and share them ever day

those that hear the truth
can choose to be set free
to follow the path of the masters light
that goes on eternally

and though the road is long
there are the blessings without end
and all the magnificence you'll find
in the journey to serve humankind

let the lord shine his light upon you
and receive his blessings that never end 
for you are a beloved child of God
and love is Ali e in you right now

so celebrate this resurrection today
and let joy guide you on the way
share the gifts that you receive
and let the lord be with you always my friend