Tuesday, March 29, 2016


there is a merging emerging 
in this life with Gods light
beyond the illusions we live with
the blossoming of a love that unites 

the me in you 
that holds the clues
to see behind the masks that hide 
the truth in me and you

there is this gift that's given 
of spirit in form
a seed that's planted 
in our souls to be reborn

and we can experience this moment in time 
to behold the darkness 
and emerge again into light
to awaken to God in all forms of life 

to touch the roots so deep on earth
and emerge as a flower
that blossoms with such grace
showing us how to see Gods face

to take of the masks of illusion and fear
to overcome the egos doubts that appear
to emerge and be who we really are
naked and free in the infinite light of eternity

emerging with the power to be
the gift of the Union with a power to see
the merging of This spirit and form
the gift of God to be reborn

and so we fall down on our knees
and thank God for our blessings
and this grace of this love
that unites earth with heaven above