Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Children of the beloved

children of the beloved 
Servants of the light
let us work together
to bring more love into our lives

the living light of God is present 
alive right there to use
breathe in the Holy Spirit
and let that love be alive in you

children of the beloved
feel the Mothers divine embrace
let it open up your heart
and fill your life with grace

let it give you courage
let it heal your heart and soul
so you can fulfill your purpose
that you in truth do know

children of the beloved 
you are here to show
those who are behind you
the clearing in the path to follow

for you have learned to see
through the darkness to the light
activate the pure energy
and let God guide you to what's right

for you are blessed by God and the mother
and you are an instrument that plays
the joyful song of the universe
that lifts others on the way

so open up your heart and hear
the sacred words to say
for the world is ready and waiting
to be brought to a brighter day 

live with love beloved
and find kindness is always there to use
the lord has many ways to use
this love that lives insideof you