Thursday, March 31, 2016

I am one

I am one 
with sound of light
this symphony that resounds in life

I am one
with each breath of the gift
the miracle of the blessings that this life gives

I am one 
with the rising sun
and the source of all the light 
that feeds the Mother Earth and comes 

to bring us this day 
and the beauty displayed
to remind us that we
are all reflections of the one

yes I am one with the divine
and all its mysteries we find
the dreams n which we dwell
and the great awakening from mays spell 

I am that moment of the eternal now
that seems to always be present somehow
with us in spirit 
til when we behold
the I am that I am
this completeness to know

I am one 
with this life
this eternal fire
fed by the grace 
of loves holy choir 

and when I feel that 
I am alone 
let me remember the truth
that we are all one