Friday, April 1, 2016


There is within every soul
this place of understanding we can know
A way for us to be able to see 
the burdens we carry on this road to be free

If we could see what's behind others fate
and stand for a moment in their shoes 
we could find compassion for what they do 
and see another way to view

There are So many different we live 
So many different ways we dream 
That lead us to learn what we think we need 
 all will carry us to our destiny

Understand that here on earth
we all have egos that want to be in control 
to be recognized and applauded  and known 
So many want just to be loved so

But beneath the outer shell we see
There is this inner core 
There is a heart that needs to be
Recognized for who it is and what believes

Understand we all have needs
Most of the time they can't be seen
It takes a lot of time it seems
To get to live out our life's true dreams 

And so when we see the bigger picture 
We can see how we have to live together here
And how it helps see others and care
To Look into their hearts and their hidden fears

So take some time in your busy day
To show some kindness today 
If You try you can find a way 
And What a difference that might make 

You'll find a connection to others lives 
That helps us to understand their plights 
With a little Compassion for the human race
We can find a place more love in our life