Monday, April 4, 2016

Your Direct Connection

there are unlimited resources for you to use
all you need to do is choose
what is the true connection you need 
that give you the inspiration to see

you have the greatest gift in this life
to be aligned with the one source of light
 you have a direct connection to God 
to the power within that will  guide you on 

choose to be a servant if you will
understand the plan to fulfill
for  the greater good to succeed 
we all must work together you see

you have a direct connection to the one 
you have the love of the Mother and son
you are alive in the energy they bring
unlimited access to the live within

choose to use these gifts you receive
these messages of love from Mother Mary
is yours to share and  receive 
and holding the vibration of her Holy energy 

this is way and the path to take
to be a disciple and awake
to hold the keys to the heavenly doors
and be aligned with love evermore

there are unlimited resources  to use
for you hold the keys and  can choose 
to be in tune with the one source that's true 
it's Alive there in the love inside of you