Tuesday, April 5, 2016

A Brand new Day

start a brand new day
with a true appreciation of who you are
and let forgiveness free you
to release the chains of the past that remain

you are not a victim of your life
you are a  child of the creators light
you can choose to become
who you really are

see heart of the one
see The mother's light
shine upon your heart and soul
with a love to change your life 

find the power you can claim 
let it come and set you free
and release you from those chains
And step into the brand new day

awaken  from  the dream 
and find a new reality to see
for you are here in paradise
and it's time to be really happy 

the mother and the Christ
can help you to born to a. new life  
to open up your eyes
and find some peace of mind

beloved one of God
it time you beat the odds
and prove to yourself that you can do
whatever it takes to be the true you

you have all the tools
to do whatever you need to do
so take a breath and decide
it's time to start a new  life