Friday, April 22, 2016

for Mother Earth

today we honor Mother Earth 
this spinning planet and place of birth
and all the gifts that she freely gives
she feeds us and allow us to live

we're  embraced with the beauty she displays
the oceans and the rivers interplay
the winged ones of the air 
who sing with love to us here

the animals that she feeds
the four legged ones we need
the sacred earth we plant with seeds
so abundant is this earth that feeds

 Mother earth now truly needs
us to care for her and heal
for all the damage and the greed
by those who  so thoughtlessly agreed 
to poison and rape her precious energy 

it's time for us to save
the resource she's given us to care
the stewards of the Earth agree
it is time for people now to see

we need to honor Mother Earth
this place we live needs us to work
together so we can find a way 
this sacred blue planet needs to be saved

for this creation  of such beauty is our home
we must honor and respect it so
 we've been given so much you know 
to continue on we must nourish and grow 

we give our thanks to Mother Earth today
and we celebrate this home God Gave 
let us all try to find a way 
to save this planet for our children today