Saturday, April 23, 2016


come now  all who are weary
come all who seek sanctuary
come all those who pray for relief 
come and find a place of peace

there is an inner Sanctum
a place to find inside
where you can go into the silence
and be blessed by Gods divine light

come all you seekers if the truth
come all you lovers of the light
when the world gets you down
and find spirit that sets things right

go into your heart of hearts
and find the spark within
that carries the source of the creator
and restores your connection to God again

find the sweet comfort that God offers
and let it heal your life
find the strength that you need
to carry on and find relief

for the path is oh so long
but there are angels watching over you
even though you don't see them
they are there to see you through

stop and take some time
to talk to God and pray
and listen for the answers
that will help you on the way 

come now  all who are weary
come all in need of sanctuary
come all who are in need 
and find the blessings God's love can bring