Thursday, April 28, 2016

the Blessings of Spirit

what formless form does spirit take
it's beauty so infinitely radiates
shown to us in rainbows of light
we try to capture and sometimes imitate

this precious spirit that gives us life
and dances through world in delight
as it inspires our visions of precious light
and behold the miracle of this life 

and we just see a reflection 
of the greater whole
we are given aa piece of the puzzle 
of what is such a greater vision to behold

as we open up our lives
to release our limited hold
we can begin to imagine
a much greater glory there is to know

so we praise the wonder
that this spirit brings
and if  we are  open  we're shown glimpses
of how God's love is alive in everything 

and we can be so humbled 
as we begin to surmise 
of what we're really dealing with
is so much more than we ever realized

so perhaps a little thank you
is just a small gesture we can make
or we can just give back some of the blessings
 for Gods spirit is alive in everything