Friday, April 8, 2016


be free of all those judgements
that separate and bind
and hold you to the egos control
that  blocks a higher light

let true understanding
shine with love so true
then you can see into others hearts 
and know they are doing the best they can do

there are so many lost in illusion
that can not even begin to see
that there is such need for goodwill
and the grace that allows  it to be

if you can understand  that  God 
has allowed everyone a choice
to learn all of those lessons they need
til they return to heaven and are freed 

and round and round we go
spinning on this planet in time and space
everyone trying their best
and there's so much to do each day

take a moment to remember 
that the ego separates and divides
instead of each judgement that we make
we could choose to be more loving and kind

pray to the God and the Blessed mother
for the grace to be 
a better reflection of the creator
to be blessed by a higher energy