Sunday, April 10, 2016

Oh these Glimpses of Eternity

oh these glimpses of eternity
these mirrored reflections 
we are given to see
Gods creation we are  given to be 

with the glory so beautiful to behold
that come in so many ways that are shown 
and bring such blessings to the soul
with so many infinite mysteries to know

oh these glimpses of eternity
heard in the song the universe sings
that opens the door to the heart 
with the promise of our eternal rebirth

how can we compare the offering 
the symbols of these words 
just particles of Gods holy life 
a shadow of the truth of divine light

and we each have our song to sing
all a part of the one universal symphony
that is played with the music of the spheres
the sounds of love creations we can hear

oh these glimpses of eternity
that The Father and the mother bring
whispers of the mystical unfurled
sounds of the joy that we try to capture here

all just part of the one great whole
pieces of the universe expressed here to know
 singers of the universal soul
with these glimpses of eternity shown