Monday, April 11, 2016

It is Time

you are a reflection of the light of highest
brought here to live in this form
 you are the love of the Mother
here to serve the holy one

are you ready to be seen
for who you really  are
are you ready to reveal the truth
and be a servant of the lord 

for the seeds have all been planted
for so long we've watched them grow
and there are now so very many

who are here to fulfill 
the true purpose they now know
and they can work to help guide others
to become In tune with their souls

it is time to say yes
to the truth of who you are
it is time to embrace your life
and shine forth the gift if divine light

there is a new door opening
and now we can be
open to the opportunities 
in the presence of a higher reality 

all of the prayers are unfurled 
across the energy fields of the world
by the servants of the lord
to  jointogether as one

say yes to the door that is open
and step into a new way of life 
to see the changes that are needed
to become a servant of the highest light