Tuesday, April 12, 2016

A prayer to the Mother

Mother Mary I do pray
for the strength to honor your presence today
give me the wisdom and grace to be
a servant of your loving energy

please guide me on your path  to serve
the heavenly music of your voice I hear
so I may be your instrument of love to share
your holy vibrations alive on earth here

for you are the holy dove so sweet
that comes to deliver the Holy Spirit energy
with all the forgiveness,  compassion 
and the peace this world needs

and when there is the darkness 
you bring us the light 
your a candle that burns 
through the darkest night

and when I am blind
and can't find my way
you reach out to guide me
and help me through the day

thank you for these blessings I receive
thank you for your love that heals
thank you God and the Angels too
and for the Son delivered by you