Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The Words of God

speak the Words of God
that dwell in your heart of hearts
live the life of servant of the Holy dove
and smile at these blessings of love

while in the school of life
you'll find so many lessons to learn
here you can realize
how to bring spirit into form again

let your secrets that are hidden
be released to fly so free
let the mysteries that your seeking
be revealed and bring you a way to see

the visions you behold 
in the communion with your soul
are just clues to lead you onward 
to the words of God that are offered

beloved of beloveds 
holy of holies name
is the pearl within each particle of life
and the blessing we can claim

and yet we cannot believe
in the power that Can be
used to recreate the reflection 
of the one light Alive in you and me

have a little faith 
and light a candle every day
thank God in your own way 
and with  the breath of innocence
praise Gods nameless name