Friday, April 22, 2016

light a candle at the alter of God

Breathe in deep the sweet breath of Spirit
Breathe in the fragrance if the blossoms of light
Fill your heart with gratitude
For all the magic that  you've know

For you are the child of the beloveds Mother
Believe  in the power that She holds
You are here to be the presence 
And share the miracles of the great unknown

Breathe in the mystic light
Light a candle at the alter of God
Realize this precious gift of life
Is yours to love  to the fullest 

You are surrounded by angels
Just open up the door
And let their wings envelop you
They Will never let you down

Let the souls light lift you
Across the universe
To here the song of the holy ones
And listen to the Mothers sacred voice

See the dance the stars create
As they spin across heavens floor
And make a wish on your special one
And then return to earth once more

Hold On to the magic 
Never let it go
Let it live for ever 
Deep within your heart and soul