Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Let your light be seen

let your light be seen
let your truths be told
let your live be a reflection
of the insights you've be shown

say yes to the power
do not be afraid
to become the embodiment
of Gods love guiding your way

let the blessings be given
to those who do seek
to further the work
of the creators blessings  to see

that we are one in our purpose
we are united in our hearts
to help the Mother and  the lord 
 we must serve and do our part 

so celebrate the manifestation
of the work that comes to be
the new way of bringing 
a balance to life and a higher reality 

we all are imperfect
we're all here to learn
we all make mistakes
and yet we still affirm 

to believe it is possible
to live out the plan
to let our souls guide us
for the betterment of our fellow humans

and miracles will be sown 
and the light it will grow
and in time you will find
gods gifts will enlight

and the light will be seen
and the love will then lead
the path of the soul
true purpose will be known