Tuesday, April 19, 2016

May the seeds planted grow

I gather the fruits  planted that have grown 
From the seeds of love in the Mother's  soul
With God s divine grace they were sown
As the prayers spoken by me now unfold

May the stars in the galaxies shine their light
And form  a crown of stars so bright
And may the creators great vision enlight
To spark the flame of love in this life

May the golden rose  given to you
Blossom forth with Mary's blessings renew
And The blessings that have been given so true
Be shared with a bow of gratitude

May the smile of compassion be redeemed
And the ego's control be finally be released
With a true understanding of what is seen
With a the higher purpose that sets us free

And may we be able to believe
In the Miracles at work in life endlessly
May we be Mary's  messengers and share
The beautiful blossoms of Her Love in us here

And may we continue to serve a higher plan
To bring heaven  to earth through Spirit in man
With great gratitude for the small part we play
To be a servant of God's love each and everyday