Thursday, May 26, 2016

A Prayer for the world

and for just a moment
I could see the exquisite beauty
of your kingdom of being

the myriad rainbows that do shine
this presence you bring is so divine
and I wondered how we might see 
the miracle of your majesty 

and for just a moment I could hear 
a love that sings with such a rhapsody 
it was the sound of all the worlds prayers 
to rise above sorrow and find some mercy here

and I wondered at how much love it really takes
to reach all those in need in the human race 
when we all are busy with what we face 
how can we do our part to find your grace 

how can your purpose be revealed
and what do we do to deal
with all the problems that are concealed
when so souls so need to be healed 

I pray all who wish to serve 
be blessed with the courage and the nerve
to  find the strength in their core 
to open the power of loves door 

I pray for loving kindness to prevail
and that we all can find a way
to understand how to merge with a higher force 
that guides us on our way 

if we all work together we can be
able to help shape our destiny
and bring a little more love to our hearts
to help to serve and do our part

and with a little good will  I pray 
we can find the power  today
to bring more joy into our lives 
and to bring to the world more love and light