Wednesday, May 25, 2016

give yourself to God

release all worries 
release all cares
give yourself to God
and let the egos power just go
and let God be in control

choose to be a servant of the creator 
and find a higher goal
that will whisper to you
in the silence of your soul 

first and always welcome spirit
into your heart of hearts
let the light from the source
open up loves door

receive the gifts from heaven
and all those many lessons
that through your life you have learned 
to share the highest blessings 

So give yourself to God
and find that you need not react
all the things that disturb you
work out for the best eventually

thank the lord for the chance
to be alive each day
and be grateful for each breath you take
and the blessing that come your way

give yourself over to A higher power at work 
and take the time to meditate and celebrate 
the miracles present in each moment 
that God creates on earth

just turn your life over
to serve the higher source 
and let the flow of life
play you as an instrument of Gods light