Wednesday, May 18, 2016

I am One with all Creation

I am one with all of creation
I am one with God
I am in tune with the universal heartbeat
the infinte that is present in my soul

where there is the light of spirit
there is this energy
we can see and receive it
as a blessed experience to be

the beauty of this pure energy
is a wonder to behold
as we embrace the I am that I am
that connects us to all there is to know

and still we need to be reminded
that we are not separate from all of life
for ego would divide us
and blind us from divine light

so we stop and take a moment
to listen to the souls song
we realize the very essence 
of loves presence here on this journey we are on 

we give thanks for every breath we take
we merge with the love that makes 
this very moment of time in space
that brings us the oneness we embrace

the you in me merged together
as one great life we celebrate 
al becoming spirit creations here  in being 
the I am that I am face to face