Monday, May 2, 2016

Have Faith

beloved one of God
breathe in the blessings alive in the soul 
have a little faith my friend 
and accept your life's true role

far greater is the power 
at work behind the scenes
that is guiding and directing
your reason and true destiny

beloved one believe
and let your heart receive
the ever so glorious gifts
that are given by God to thee

breathe in the holy Spirits fire
breathe in the light of the soul
let the divine presence 
be with wherever you go

become the life 
become the way
of the humble servant who is doing
Gods will every day

the Angels do surround you
the blessed Mother is near
to call upon when you need
to be with you always my dear

let the miracles happen
do not doubt what comes 
 give your heartfelt thanks and carry on
and give all praise the holy ones