Tuesday, May 3, 2016

This Saving Grace

will you catch me if I fall 
is there some cosmic net around us all
when all the layers are stripped away
what is left to see in the broad light of day

I am a reflection of the soul
sometimes it's light transcends it all
'm here to be some vehicle designed
to carry this spirit through space and time

this flower of life 
this blossom divine
you offer to me
to make your love  mine

even when I'm blind and can't see
I sense  a presence inside of me
it carries me through all the difficult times
it calls me back and always reminds

that  beyond the illusions of time and space
there is this gift of amazing grace
there is this mystery of the great unknown
this calling that whispers to my soul

yes, I believe you are always there
to catch my falls and still my fears
I thank you Lord everyday 
for this love you show and your saving grace