Wednesday, May 4, 2016

where do you go

where do you go
when you are not present 
and slip from awareness of your soul
where do think you go

what do you dream
when you dwell in forgetfulness
and  get lost in the illusion 
distracted from your destiny 

let each moment awaken you
you to the miracle of this life
let all actions bring you peace
and lead you from darkness to the light

come back to who you are
and merge with the love divine
 see past the clouds of darkness
and illuminate your wandering mind

 right here and now you have the power
to be awakened and to be free
to choose to manifest in your being
the vibrations of spirits highest energy

choose to come back with each moment
to be alive in the vigil of your soul
to be the one who holds the flame
 with the fire that spirit creates 

light a candle, say a prayer
breathe a breath of light
become a sacred chalice of Christ love 
and shine forth that love in your life