Thursday, May 5, 2016

In our Hands

what happens in the moment 
where God reaches out and touches Man
what spark of spirit is passed on
to put free will within our hands

what a great gift is given
the power for us to be
anything we really want
and to be able choose our own destiny

in our hands is the miracle of creation
and we have our hearts to feel
the myriad sensations
that express  this spirit and keep it real 

God touches us with Divine energy
in so many different ways
and we are given these hands to touch
others lives with our gifts each day

and we are lit with the spark 
of spirit in our soul
we can celebrate our life
and serve the love that we can show

we can reach out and touch
others souls with the source that inparts
we can share that spirit
that opens the door to love in our hearts

and we can choose to do 
Gods will if we just can
understand what that really is 
wiith our life we can touch our fellow humans