Sunday, May 29, 2016

Memorial Day

on this Memorial Day 
I can't help but reflect on why
the world has to fight to live together 
on this planet as one people altogether 

I look at the flags that blow in the wind
through rows of crosses 
each a symbol of what
pain and suffering war brings

and I know that there are those
that would want to control
this country and take charge 
of how we live and I can't begin to know 

why is this the price we must pay
this sacrifice that is so hard to face
and will it ever end
training those who must die to defend

I think of all those who lost there lives 
an infinite of amount of atoms
that dance now in an eternal light
yes there's was the ultimate sacrifice

so on this Memorial Day
I take a moment and i pray
for the world to find a way
to come together find peace one fine day