Monday, May 30, 2016

the sound of Spirit

listen to the sound of Spirit
listen to the heartbeat of light
breathe the healing energy
that forgets all pain and strife

reach that point of being
in the sacred now
let it touch your soul
and open up the doorway to the great unknown

accept the truth forgiveness brings 
ask for the strength of compassion that frees
and overcomes all of judgements means
so Gods will may guide you to the path of peace

may the holy dove of God
spread her wings and fly 
to find a perch there in your soul
and bring inspiration from on high 

listen to the song of life
let its music sing 
to your heart of hearts
and bring true loves special blessings 

listen to this breath of this eternal moment
embrace this space and time
thank the Holy Mother and God
for this gift of being alive