Wednesday, June 1, 2016

whispers from God

listen to these whispers of God
That come in answer to your prayers
hear the sound of the soul
that speaks in the miracles that appear

come all who are begging
For  someone who will hear
the heart that so is aching
for some hope for healing to appear

find the spark in the darkness
find that sacred space 
let the secrets of your soul
speak to you in this holy place

come all who have fallen
and rise up to finally see
there is a greater power at work here
and answers we all seek

come into the sanctuary
Where Gods divine love resides 
that you find the blessings of light
that guide you to a place inside

and your soul will lift you up
to the highest realms to be healed
and you will hear the whispers 
that Gods love will reveal

you will find the answers
to all that troubles you and find relief 
so you can help others who seek 
To find the blessings so many need

come all who have fallen
and whose hearts cry out to be heard
 believe in the healing presence 
Of God love brings to the world

Listen to the whispers 
And the answers that the bring
Open your heart and soul
And find the source of Peace