Thursday, June 2, 2016


fallen petals glisten in the rain
tears fall for the those in pain
drink from the water of heaven
let it feed your thirst to know

that there is a light that burns
that leads me onward to ever grow
your heart does find a way to speak to me
a promise kept from your love  eternally 

past any clouds that block the light
past any thoughts that worry my life
past all things that lead me astray
past all the prayers I need to say

there is a golden rose you gave
there is a hope that greets each and every  day
there is this faith you bring my way
that leads me onward come what may

and with each breath there is a memory
of the reasons for being here you gave to me
the purpose I really came here for
the power  to continue on forever more

past the pain and suffering
past the valleys and the peaks
past the time that remains
I call out always your nameless name

and I reach out to touch the spirit 
and I close my eyes and see
the vision that was granted
that allows me to believe

and you are always there 
past the hard times and despair
this love that shines eternally bright
the golden rose of loves great light