Saturday, June 4, 2016

a Prayer

Mother Mary I do Pray
for your blessed Presence to be with me
as I walk on the path 
and seek to live with your love each day

to help me do whatever it takes
to heal my life 
make things right
with the power of Gods redeeming light

so with compassion I might find
that heavenly grace 
that brings redemption to save
and the love that opens up the way

to find the understanding that lives
 to help us get past the separation 
and ego that divides the world 
from the purpose of peace we came for

give us the power to believe
that with your loving Presence 
we can all do our part to heal
 all the broken lives eventually

and I pray for all those who seek relief 
all those suffering and in need
may Heavens Light shine bright
and bless us with your love divine

Mother Mary I do bow in awe
at the Miracles that you bring 
I thank you for your gifts combined 
with the love Christ great blessed light