Wednesday, June 22, 2016

let Christ be Born in Me

Christ was born in Mary
to unite with the pure Glory
of God and man combined
to help to save mankind

and Christ asks us to be
a living reflection of his pure energy
a flame that burns so bright
to lead us from the darkness  to eternal light

and I do believe 
Christ can be born in me
for he came to set us all free
with the power of love we need

holy Mother father divine
let your blessings  of love shine
so we can hold the Light of Christ
to be born within our life

may the flower of heavens love
with blessings of the holy dove 
bring forth the spirit that grows 
and nurtures our hungry souls 

remove all blocks and fear
make the pathway clear
let the cosmic forces align
to open loves doors to unite 

the miracle of God and Man combined
so we can finally be 
able to accept gift he delivered 
through Mary to set us free

let the  Christs light be born in me 
so I can embrace that pure energy
and I find the strength I need 
and with Gods love be redeemed