Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Life's sweet mysteries

all of life's sweet mysteries
are held in each breath
waiting for us to be ready
to have them revealed

all the subtle hints we find
are there in the inner sanctum 
hidden Deep within the Mind
pouring out in the hourglass of time

this very moment 
right here and now
you are living out your dream 
and what you were created to be

the Mother and Father
and Spirit combined
to create this cosmic force of life
alive in each breath of light

all of life's sweet mysteries
play out in the way we seek
the answers that we think we need
to fulfill our purpose  and be complete

the pieces of the puzzle align
and find a way to fit 
in this form we've created
in our space and time 

and in a sacred moment we find
and we are Gods love in life
a miracle so sublime 
that we are the living the light divine