Monday, June 20, 2016

All beings of light

we are all beings of light
here in various shapes and forms
trying to learn to live together
 to love this life to which we're born

how we find our purpose
how we find our joy
is up to us to figure out
and is our individual choice

if we stop and take a moment
we can be aware of so many things
what is really going on
in this life we choose to be

what we give out, what we take in
 in this space that's part of infinity
so miracles are happening 
if we could believe 

in this light body 
in which you abide
what mirror are you looking into
what place do you abide

what colors of the rainbow
are reflected through your temple
what doors are open 
for you to pass through 

what really is happening
in this creations space
how you realize some kind of truth
is really up to you to choose 

you can become the magic that life brings
and embrace the place in which you abide
to let Gods brilliant rays of light
be reflected in your life

be the living rainbow
that shines heavens light on earth
be the true embodiment
of creations love on earth