Sunday, June 19, 2016

Our Father

our Father 
throughout this universal field of your creation
may the power of your divine light
bring perfect harmony into our lives

may we find the strength each day
to overcome the challenges 
that often will come our way 
to grow stronger so the greater good be known 

and the love you manifest be shown
and continue to find a way to grow
may the visions that you bring
find a home in the soul of everything 

divine father the one energy source 
bring forth the highest as our true force 
to bring a balance into our life
to learn to overcome all strife

bring your divine purpose 
into the consciousness of man 
so with understanding and compassion we can 
find there is a higher plan 

let us join  together I pray
to live with more love and peace each day
we open up our hearts to you
to help to guide us to the truth

yes Father let us be
a true Refection of your perfect energy
we thank you for the blessings we find
and the good we see in humankind