Saturday, June 18, 2016

all that I Am

all that I am
I am through you lord
so all that I am is yours

I am  that I am 
is Your Spirit here in form
this precious life
 that is ever reborn

to infinite form 
into formless space adorned
with the vibrations of your energy
such grace of creations space that lets us be

these dreams of the soul
that learn and grow
into blossoms of the one flower
we offer to God to know

all that I am is yours lord
these petals so fragrant that fall
these illusions Maya enthralled
to waken to your mystic call

I am that I am 
that is sprint 
from which I was born 
and will always return 

I offer it all 
the times of my falls
the celebration and smiles 
with the separation denied

for you brought me to life
to your creation
and all its extremes variation
I am a part of your hearts pure light

all that I am is yours lord
the  I am that I am and more
that which opens up the door 
to be your spirit here in form