Friday, June 17, 2016

Life and death

do we choose the colors of our life
do we create this world of dreams
does each breath call our name
for us to live and to remain

stormy skies surround us
and greet us at the break of day
with the colors of creations grace
that bring forth  heavens glorious face

the power of no choice
brings acceptance and a way
to realize everything is really not for us
but up to God to say

life and death weave a dance
that keeps beat with our heart
and we can be entranced 
by the soundtrack of which we're part

dark and light meet here
beyond the minds blind fear
there is a song so sweet
that whispers love to hear

and this fragile moments light
is met with the truth that transpires
an opportunity we can't miss
to be captured by a love that inspires

and stormy skies pass by
and the glory of dawn will die
and we can only decide
how we perceive this magic of life

and this fragile moment
is a blessing in disguise
we can not quite understand 
the ways of God and man