Thursday, June 16, 2016

If it Be your Will

if it be your will lord
let your voice speak through me
to become a pure instrument 
that pours forth you highest energy

if it be your will lord 
let your words be heard
and the messages that are beyond words
carry your spirits energy so clear

may the blessings of your creation
be reflected in our Virgins formless face
let the pure vehicle of the Chalice
pour forth the nectar from your sacred space

may our souls be fed by the spirit
of the blessed holy dove
may you find a way to reach us
with your compassion and divine love

if it be your will
let your voice ring true
to be a compass that guides the way
in all I say and do

if it be your will lord
help me to best serve you
and clear away the distractions
so I can focus on your truths

may the fruits of great blessings
feed all the hungry souls
take away the flurry of worries 
and frustrations that ego controls 

if it be your will
please give me the keys
to open up the doorway
so the heart of your love lives in me