Tuesday, June 14, 2016

come down Holy Spirit

Come down Holy Spirit 
 dance across the skies 
bring the very breath of God 
to open up my eyes 

let me breathe your blessings 
let your voice be heard 
be the very energy
 that speaks these holy words 

color my True Vision
 with the gift of life
let me see creations face 
let me see the vision of your light 

let me see the true beauty 
that reflects the visions that you bring 
 you are the living light 
You bring the life force to everything 

you are the torch that shows the way 
through the darkest night. 
You hold the power to transform
And make the wrongs right

 Your energy appears is here 
with the very life force that can heal
 the past and the future reappear 
With lessons each life needs

you pour forth the sweetest nectar
 from the highest throne
 it pours forth from  fountain 
of eternal energy that nourish our soul 

thank you Holy Spirit 
for all the gifts that you will bring 
thank you for the sounds and the music
 we offer to you to celebrate 
This blessed energy in everything

 I offer up these words 
I am oh so grateful you should know
You  nourish my heart and soul 
 With the energy of the Lord 
lead me on the way 
let me honor your blessed presence
each and every day