Monday, June 13, 2016

What would you have us do

what would you have us do
I asked Mother Mary today
is there some answers that we
in good faith can receive

for the world is so torn 
by this war that is born
of hatred and violence 
that is such a dark energy

and we all feel the need
for the human race
to find a way to find a way  
to overcome these killings each day

so I ask the question to you 
what would you have us do lord
to stop the suffering and be renewed
by the power of hope and love that's true

what would you have us do
when we hear the news
and we see the tears that fall
and the meaningless way that terrorism calls

and this war that we now face
attacks innocent victims of the human race
and the churches, clubs  and schools 
have become an easy target for those few

who would use their insane hatred
to show the world they want to make
us all pay for their weakness and their ways 
that sacrifice innocent lives each day

and heard a soft whisper inside
that told me all we can do 
is live with more kindness and truth
and we must remember to see
that good overcomes the bad eventually

their are so many who are praying
millions who are seeking 
to do more good each day
and remember love will always overcome hate 

each person can only do the best they can 
and together this force for good
will overcome the negative beings who would
try to bring the world down to its knees 

yes there is such a need right now
this will unite us to find out how
 we can find the time to pray
and live with a little more love each day

for each candle light that Shines 
helps remove the darkness in human  kind
and if we can each have hope and believe
good will win eventually

for love always overcomes hate
and the kindness we practice conveys
the best path to a higher way
to help bring this world to peace one day