Sunday, June 12, 2016

We light a candle, we say a prayer

from out of the darkness
appears a light oh so bright
as 50 candles are lit in memory 
of those who lost their lives 

yes we light a candle
and we say a prayer
for all those who were killed
by the dark forces of terror and fear
and all those injured and who were there

and we can't help but wonder
and question at what is going on here
why there is this killing
and the effects of terrorism that occurs

in this day and age
hatred will try to bring us down
yet the power of love is stronger far
than the hatred and illusions that confound 

yes we light our candles
and we say our prayers
that those who live in darkness
will find the light that will endure

for love is stronger far
than darkness in this world
and that the light of all the candles
and prayers by God are heard

and so we light a candle
and so we say a prayer
that in this works of dark and light
the love we are will persevere