Wednesday, June 8, 2016

May you dance with Angels

may you dance with angels
may they lead your way 
to see the beauty of life
that surrounds you each day

may the holy dove 
sing to your heart with love
to comfort you with wings
that enfold you with love

may the radiance of heaven
shine forth its light upon you
and the one true source
lift you up when your blue

may you find the answers
to the questions you seek
may the truth provide you
with the understanding you need

may the music of the Heavenly spheres
sing to your soul
and embrace you with the majesty
and the glory to know

there is a higher power 
that is always present and can be
alive in your life
whenever you in need 

may kindness and patience
 always find a way
to help to change your life 
for you to find  more compassion today

thank you God and the Holy Mother too
thanks to the Angels for all they do
may the blessings of by God's love
always be alive in you