Tuesday, June 7, 2016

With this breath

with a breath i am
the spirit made flesh
such a magic that is man
the vi ration of energy dancing across the skies
the infinite light found in Gods eyes

with a breath I am life
and whatever I choose to believe
I bring to my mind the remembrance 
 of a celebration of love that created me

with a breath 
I merge with every living thing
the same air we all breathe
the same source  that created you and me

and I release this breath
and I let go
of any ridiculous illusionary ego 
that I may have come to know

to awaken to this moment 
right here and right now
to be aware of what is behind
the need to be at all

with a breath I synthesize
the spirit in my soul
with how to allow the good to survive 
and be who I really am while I'm alive 

just the moment and this breath
I share with all of life
this eternal process of such grace
this cosmic portal of the human race

I thank god for this miracle of creation
I find the mystery of a smile
I embrace the love in existence
this precious gift of life

with this breath