Monday, June 6, 2016

See with the eyes of the Heart

see with the Eyes of the heart
the love waiting there for you to find
feel what is important  for you to know
to reach the inner sanctuary of your soul

see with the eyes of teacher
the way life does reach us
with lessons we need that frees us
so we can embody the Gods secrets 

while all the beauty creation reveals
inspires us to continue to seek
all the answers held within 
the mysteries from the source of everything 

for a moment be still and believe
with Gods eyes you can really see
the love and compassion creation needs
for all those who are lost and suffering

and who lights spark of hope 
that feeds this worlds so we can grow
who lights the fire of that spirit breathes
to find the source that lives in you and me

return to the heart of hearts
to live with love a d do your part
to see with the eyes of the soul
and listen to Gods whispers to know

the path you should follow
to release the chains of sorrow
and be still and receive the grace
to be blessed to serve the human race