Monday, July 11, 2016

How would I say Thank you God

how would I best say thank you God 
for all you've given me 
how would you have me serve you 
and share the beauty that I see

perhaps to bring the love that's offered
to others who are in need
and to love Your creation 
as a place where the living spirit can be 
alive in our souls with a higher light 
to shine forth as beacon
so those who are lost can see

so let the songs of hope sing out
let those who seek faith believed 
let the hatred be dissolved
and the greater good in man achieved

bring the higher realms of heaven
here unto this earth
let the power and glory of God
be limitless and alive in every birth 

breathe in this possibility 
into your heart and soul
become the way, become the path
and let Gods truth be told

let's the Mother's love guide you
honor the Father and the son
and believe that God is alive
and see that Gods goodness in man