Sunday, July 10, 2016

A New Light

there is a new light shining 
there is the sound of a brand new day
there is a sacred calling 
for you to now awake

can you see the magic
do you hear the call
can you feel the energy
that leads you on the path to follow 

 this is the time for which you've been waiting 
this is the calling that you've longed to hear
this is Gods energy igniting
the inspiration you need to be aware

listen listen to the symphony of sounds
all of life is praying 
for the sacred power of creation to be found
with vibrations that lifts us to higher ground

let the beauty of life inspire you
let the gifts of nature be seen
embrace this love Gods given
that is full of the bounty he brings

for there is a new light shining
across this planet earth
now is a chance to see it
and awaken you to  this days new birth